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Cheating Moth Card Game Review

If you want a quick, fun and engaging card game we can certainly recommend Cheating Moth. It’s a truly ridiculous card game that we giggled through from beginning to (eventual) end. It’s not a long game but we became slightly obsessed with it so we continued far longer that the “let’s have a quick game of cards” suggestion from a well meaning family member.

All you really have to remember is this: Cheating is allowed. In fact, to quote the blurb on the box “you’ll probably have to cheat to win”.

Here’s how it goes according to our friends at Amazon:

Cheating Moth

The aim of Cheating Moth is to get rid of the cards in your hand before everyone else. All players start with 8 cards – with one player taking the ‘Guard card’ – which stays on the table at all times. A discard pile is started by turning over the first of the remaining cards in the deck. The majority of the cards are numbered 1 – 5, but pay attention because the ‘action’ cards have special abilities that can change the direction of the game.

Taking it in turns, each player needs to discard a card 1 higher or lower than the card on the discard pile – and if they can’t they take a card from the deck. The catch is that Cheating Moth cards can’t be laid on the discard pile so players need to find imaginative ways to make them disappear – but watch out – if you’re spotted by the person with the guard card you’ll suffer a two card penalty and you become the new guard.

What you really need for this game is a bunch of cheats and someone who wouldn’t notice if their life depended on it. Not to be mean, of course, but it just makes it more hilarious.

Speaking as one who is not especially fine with insects, I have to admit that the makers of this game have made them look, if not that cute, at least humorous.

Recommended for age 7+. Box Contains 1 x 72 playing cards. For 3 to 5 players. Instructions are also in English. (We recommend another deck for larger parties!)

An amusing and accurate quote from one Amazon reviewer:

“A friend of mine takes particular pleasure trying to balance cards on other player’s heads without the cockroach (detective) gets out of control at times and you will find cards days later that have been launched across the room.”








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