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Ethnos Board Game Review. Oh! The Glory.

Well, here we are again after a hard week of game playing. Avoiding all the cliches like “it’s a hard life”, etc etc we’ll launch straight in.

This Week, due to its popularity, we chose Ethnos largely to see what all the fuss was about.

Boy! There are a lot of cheesy how-to-play videos out there, so much so, we’re thinking of making our own.  However, here’s Tom Vasel with a non-cheesy but rather matter of fact instructional video. (Not his first rodeo, of course!)

We rather shared Tom’s initial thoughts that it presents as a rather a dour game due to the subdued, but nonetheless fabulous artwork on the box.

Our opinion is that you’re not going to need a PhD in well, anything really to play this game but it is strangely addictive, as so many tend to be. Four of us played Ethnos and, since it doesn’t actually take THAT long, (less than an hour for us) we had three consecutive games before someone suggested we play a more meaty game!

BGG give it a 7.7 rating but acknowledge that the complexity level is rather light suggesting 2.14/5. The upside to this, of course is that Ethnos appeals to many ages and concentration levels. Not everyone wants the hefty task of conquering the world(s) before bedtime, after all.

As one Amazon reviewer put it “It may be a nice appetizer before the main course of a heavier game or a nice light evening of 2 or 3 games.” As you see, that’s our view too.

Does the game blow your socks off? Well, it has the potential to blow at least one of them off. It’s an easy and interesting play but you’ll have to make sure you know the expectation of your fellow players before launching in.

Our rating for this game is just a little above average at 3/5.  It’s worth playing, it’s fun and inclusive. Anyway, here’s Tom..

What’s in the Box?

The manufacturer recommends an age range of 14 and up (we reckon younger is fine)

Number of players: 2 to 6

Play time: 45 to 60 minutes

Game contents:

1 Main Game Board, 156 Control Markers, 18 Glory Tokens, 156 Tribe Cards, 12 Setup Cards, 3 Dragon Cards, 1 Double-Sided Merfolk Board, 6 Orc Horde Boards, 6 Troll Tokens, 1 Double-Sided Giant Token

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