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Oh no! You’ve being playing Monopoly All Wrong. Check this…

Monopoly: What’s Actually Supposed to Happen When You Land on Free Parking?

Few board games have the ability to cause arguments like Monopoly, an unsurprising fact given the object of the game it was based on (see: Who Invented Monopoly?) was designed to send your opponent to the poor house while you bask in the pleasures of immense wealth and prosperity.

In the eight decades or so the game has existed, the rules of Monopoly haven’t really changed all that much, but because everyone “knows” how to play, how people actually play the game has slowly diverged from what the actual rule book, which nobody ever bothers to read, says.

In anticipation of various family get-togethers coming up this holiday season, in which you’ll no doubt be subjected to a game of Monopoly at some point, in this article, we’re going to correct the various ways you’ve probably been playing Monopoly wrong your whole life.

Editor’s observation – We like the way he slid in a bit about Scrabble. He didn’t miss a trick..and neither have we. (note the link!)

Back to Monopoly though, it appears that there are more variations of Monopoly that you could possibly shake a stick at..but if you have stick-shaking time, you can look at the Wiki post which has the list.

As you see, the game below is the original BUT, if you are territorial, we have regional Monopoly or if you fancy Monopoly based on your favourite tv show eg Game Of Thrones or say,  Dr Who we have those too. Click the links for a peek.

Here’s our own quick list. We’re adding more daily though so check back often.

Monopoly Regions:

Birmingham Edition, Bradford Edition, Cornwall Edition, Essex Edition, Hull Edition, Isle of Man Edition, Isle of Wight Edition, Leicestershire Edition, Limerick Edition, Newcastle Edition, Norwich Edition, Southampton Edition, York Edition


Other Versions:

The Walking Dead

Games of Thrones

Dr Who Regeneration

DC Comics Retro

James Bond – 007

The Beatles

Original Monopoly Board Game Classic Traditional Monopoly Game Board New and Sealed

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