Ace COWBOY Murder Mystery Dinner Party Game : A Backful of Bullets

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Ace COWBOY Murder Mystery Dinner Party Game : A Backful of Bullets

Aces highly acclaimed games feature famous faces and familiar places from the worlds of fact and fiction. Mixing powerful plots, terrific twists, cleverly concealed clues and sides-splitting scripts, these unique games are considered to be classics mystery games.

For 8-10 players, ‘A Backful of Bullets’ provides all you need to host the perfect murder mystery party at home.

The object of the game is to identify the murderer from the list of suspects below, using the questions and clues provided.


Wyatt Earp
Cattle Kate
Doc Holliday
Belle Starr
Cole Younger
Poker Alice
Billy the Kid
Calamity Jane

Optional roles:

Jack Daniels
Blaise West

The year is 1882. The American wild west has yet to be won, and one place engaged in the daily struggle is Tombstone, Arizona. A booming mining town, its residents fall into two opposing camps: those looking to get rich quick – prospectors, ranchers and merchants, and those looking to get rich even quicker -thieves, card sharps, and gunmen. The long arm of the law has so far managed to keep the two sides far enough apart for the town to prosper, but the situation has recently spiralled alarmingly out of control and the town’s future is now uncertain. One thing never in doubt, however, is the notorious annual Tombstone Poker Tournament. Except to those invited, the ‘high-roller’ guest list remains a closely guarded secret until the evening of the game. However, just hours before this year’s game is due to start, the town is stunned to learn that one of the players, the outlaw Jesse James, has, been gunned down in a room above the Crystal Palace saloon. You and your guests are now caught in a high stakes, winner-takes-all game of ‘catch the killer’!

Dress as Doc Holliday, Calamity Jane, Billy the Kid, Poker Alice etc
Classic cowboy murder mystery dinner party game
For 8, 9 or 10 – players 9 and 10 are optional but fully involved if present
2-3 hours with breaks
High quality (UK) contents with full colour box, booklets and invites













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