The Stencil Studio Ltd – Dalek Stencil – Reusable Stencil

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Exclusive stencil design from The Stencil Studio Ltd.  This is a reusable stencil – just add paint.  


Exclusive stencil design from The Stencil Studio Ltd.  This is a reusable stencil – just add paint.  

Simple silhouette shape stencil. Use this stencil to paint a simple single motif or repeat at regular intervals to form a border or all over wallpaper effect pattern. Great for stencilling walls, cushions, floors. fabric, clothing, furniture, canvas etc etc. Available in a range of sizes to suit the size of your project.

1 Layer wall stencil.

Material:190 micron Polyester Mylar stencil film. Thin yet strong allowing for close contact to the surface to be painted. Flexible and semi-transparent, reusable and washable. Suitable for use with all types of paint including spray paint.

Stencilling is fun, easy, fast and cost effective. Unlike wall stickers which have a solid and usually single colour, stencils can be painted any colour you like and can be used over and over again with paint colours of your choice giving totally unique results every time. Don’t stop at the walls, try stencilling fabrics, furniture, T-shirts, bags…..etc.  You can stencil anything, just use the appropriate paint for the job.

How to Stencil

1 Fix Stencil in place – use either masking tape or spray mount adhesive

2 Paint Stencil – use a brush, sponge, roller, spray paint.  Our stencils are suitable to use with any type of paint, just choose the paint suitable for the surface you are working on.

3 Remove the Stencil – reposition and continue to create the desired effect

Please select which size stencil you would like. Sizes refer to the actual design size. The design will be cut from a slightly larger sheet to allow for a border.

Designs and images Copyright of The Stencil Studio Ltd. All rights reserved.

Reusable 1 Layer Stencil cut from 190 micron Mylar (plastic film)
Mylar Stencils are flexible, reusable and suitable for use with any type of paint
Stencils can be used on any surface including walls, furniture, fabric, canvas and more
Stencil design available in various sizes
Stencil instructions included


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